Ed Bolden-Greer


Ed Bolden-Greer has been called a Pollyanna and a sugarcoated idealist, but he thinks of himself as more optimistic than that. He likes peanut butter, cheeseburgers, and chocolate-covered cherries! He claims to be the illegitimate love child of strategy and creativity. Unfortunately, neither admits to having him…

In his private life, he resides in Knoxville with his husband, Jeryd, where he enjoys the role of father, healer, educator, friend, writer, storyteller, and social activist. His friends call him an extrovert’s-extrovert and a geek, all in the same breath, which most certainly flatters him. He claims his most extraordinary talents is binge-watching nerdy science and quasi-science documentaries like Ancient Aliens or Planet Earth. He loves playing Dungeons and Dragons, riding his longboard, mindlessly watching TikTok’s, and sitting by a cozy bonfire telling ghost stories.

As a native of East Tennessee, Ed grew up in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, hearing all the old ghost stories spun about what some have called the most sinister and cursed land in the United States. From the macabre Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros to the chilling Alexander Inn in Oak Ridge, those stories began his life-long love affair with all things scary and haunted. As a long-time lecturer and storyteller, his passion for keeping the tradition and legacy of storytelling alive is what led him to create Appalachian HorrorFest.  Ed often says, “The thing I’m most passionate about and the one I concentrate all my creative energy into the art of writing and telling a good story.”  He’s been spinning some tales of his own for over two decades, but in the past five years, he has focused and honed his craft in the horror genre.  He is the creator of the Ravens Vail Podcast, where he invites you to visit the world of Ravens Veil, a dark fantasy horror anthology set in Appalachia.

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