Lock Brown, is an experimental lyricist and storyteller whose music goes against the grain of the current music industry trends by exploring humanity’s dark and vulnerable side.  His music routinely exploits the spoken word to curate the purest form of emotional expression.

His music can be described as sensually dark stories that take your mind through deep introspection while juxtaposing against infectious beats and hooks that keep the listener coming back for more.  It’s as if music flows through him and manifests as relevant and meaningful social messages.

Loch has been surrounded by music his entire life. In his early twenties, Loch Brown was involved with a hip-hop project called Spaced Out.  After several years of creating music in this group, he embarked on a solo career.

The experiences and successes with his debut album, “The One You’ll Reference,” has fed his desire to dig deeper and continue to create his unique art style.

So, what’s next for Loch? Currently, it’s ‘all systems go’ for Loch Brown as he sets the wheels in motion for the release of his next LP, “That Deep Down,” due for release in early 2024.