Pen Hill


Pen was raised in East Tennessee, calling the Great Smoky Mountain area home for most of their life. Pen draws inspiration from the mountains and timeless traditions of Appalachia; even when they are away, they bring the traditions and love of the mountains. As an undergraduate, Pen studied psychology at Walters State Community College and was a double major in Psychology and Children’s and Young Adult Literature at Eastern Michigan University. Now a graduate student in Children’s and Young Adult Literature at EMU, Pen has a fervent passion for folklore and fairy tales, infusing the magic of Appalachian tales into their storytelling.

As an Appalachian Folk Witch, Pen weaves the threads of tradition and mysticism, drawing upon the rich tapestry of Appalachian folklore and tradition in their spiritual practices and storytelling alike. Pen has always been a storyteller at heart. In their youth, Pen told stories in Mamaw’s kitchen with LEGOs and other toys to anyone who would listen. These days, Pen’s primary medium as a storyteller is found in immersive tabletop worlds. They have conjured epic tales in games like Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire: The Masquerade, Mall Rats, and more. Pen finds passion in introducing new folk to the love of tabletop and storytelling and is excited to share a story with you soon.