AHF is excited to announce that during Appalachian HorrorFest 2023, we will host a Horror-Themed Costume Contest with fantastic cash prizes. Interested individuals should come to the contest in costume. Registration will be held at the door.   The contest categories include:

Movie and Media Characters – To qualify for this category, your costume must reflect a specific character from a movie, book, cartoon, television series, comic book, anime, manga, video, or roleplaying game that falls within the horror genre.   First Prize $100     Second Prize $50

Original Characters – To qualify for this category, your costume must be a public domain character or costume, such as a witch, ghoul, zombie, ghost, or any other character within the horror genre, not associated with a specific media or franchise.    First Prize $100     Second Prize $50

Best Overall – To qualify for this category, you must win first-place in either the Movie and Media Characters or Original Characters category.    First Prize $150     Second Prize $75

If you are interested, click the link below for more detailed information about categories, rules, or prizes.