Many Travel Agents say, “Travel is my Passion,” but I talk the talk and travel the travel. I have visited 20+ countries and 46 of the 50 states (even Alaska and Hawaii, so I guess the last four). Ten years ago, when my husband had the opportunity to travel to England for a week of work training, I had a bag packed before he could even ask – I mean, um . . . I tagged along and discovered a PASSION that would enrich our lives for years. It started with small weekend getaways, then with children bigger trips to major theme parks during school breaks, and along came weeks-long road trips with detailed planning to historic landmarks, National Parks, and quirky little roadside attractions (everyone wants to see the World’s Largest Pistachio right??). Now, we travel as often as we can to so many new exciting locations to experience and soak in the culture, the landscapes, the people, and definitely the local FOOD!

I have been fortunate to experience so many various places and to be able to bring to my clients personal insight, first-hand knowledge, helpful tips, and childlike wonder. I would love to help you plan that next trip, whether a Bucket List trip to a faraway land, a romantic getaway, a sun-filled week-long vacay with children, or a road trip to some of the most beautiful National Parks you’ll ever see.

Let me help take the stress out of your planning, and you have a million other things to do. Not to mention, with my vast connections to large vendors, I can get you great prices that you, as a consumer, might not have access to. I am a full-service planner who can package it all up with a nice little bow!


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