Tiffany Weathers


Since she was a child, horror has always intrigued Tiffany Weathers. She once saw a creature feature that made her curious enough to love horror movies and how they are made. When she was 11, she began having movie-like nightmares, but instead of frightening her, they inspired her to write her own version of what could have happened.

Thus began her decades-long obsession with writing and creating horror stories and movies.  She has worked on multiple projects, both professionally and personally.  She has a library filled with notebooks dedicated to my random inspirations that she hopes to turn into full-length stories. 

She currently resides in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, with her fiancé, Cody, and their 5 cats, Stevie Nicks, Bucket, Pepper, Tucker, and Onyx, where she serves as the Director of Marketing for a corporate cleaning and restoration business, and is pursuing her degree in Marketing and Communications.